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DIY Scrabble Wall Art

"Made It"Carrie Lynn24 Comments
So, I've had this idea for weeks now, and I have JUST NOW been able to put it into effect- but it was so worth the time and energy. Introducing...


I went to Home Depot, bought some cheap wood, had husband cut it for me and then had it sitting on my desk for two weeks DARING me to figure out how to make the wood tiles look like Scrabble pieces.

Sure, I could have stenciled. But when I tried to stencil, it looked more or less like this:

The point is, I ended up borrowing my sister-in-law's Cricut (God bless Sarah) and I cut the letters out and mod-podged them on. It looks just like they were painted on, gave it a nice gloss, and I was pleased to use a fancier font than the standard Scrabble one, I think it makes it a little more dressed up for the living room.

This project would have cost me around $11, but for some reason I had a $10 Home Depot gift certificate, so there you go. And I guess it would have cost me more had I not had that handy Cricut... (again, God bless Sarah).

Anyway, there are countless things you can do here and I think it could look great in any room- even if you're not a Scrabble player like Scott and I.

Oh yeah, and if you get carried away like me, you can use your extra wood pieces to make a St. Patty's Day decoration. Hey, why not?