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Easy Face Scrub

"Made It"Carrie Lynn4 Comments
Lately, I have been breaking out like crazy. Normally I would turn all high-school-mortified about it, but since I'm pregnant with a girl and this week I'm finishing up creating her reproductive system (ie: got a whole lot of estrogen pumping through me), I'm much less ashamed.

However. I'm still not a huge fan of the changes my skin is going through. I REALLY don't want to go rummaging through a bunch of facial treatments with unknown ingredients. So, I made my own little face scrub with what I thought would be good for my skin. Of course, there is no better acne treatment than drinking tons of water, but if you want feel pampered you can try this.

Oatmeal: Saponins remove dirt and healthy fats add moisture
Lavender flowers: Antibacterial antiseptic
Almonds: To exfoliate
and Tea Tree Oil: Antibacterial antiseptic

Simply place a large handful of oatmeal in a blender followed by a small handful of lavender flowers and a small handful of almonds. Grind it all up and then add about 4-5 drops of tea-tree oil. I keep mine in a glass jar by the sink and so far, I have loved how my skin feels.

P.S. Be sure to tell a woman you love today how much she means to you as it is International Women's Day!