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My First Bachelor Party

Carrie Lynn4 Comments

Well, it was a success. Satire achieved. The pictures of the table were taken in full light, but know that most of the evening was spent in dim darkness while we watched Brad pick Emily.

Most of the show we were able to eat our red velvet cupcakes and laugh, but we all got SO MAD when Brad was all: "Hey, I want to be a great father" and Emily was all "What does that mean to you?" And Brad was all: "DON'T QUESTION ME!"

Whoa red flag. Add anger management issues to college drop-out. Mmmmm.

In the end, the party was a success. Brad picked Emily, Emily put some natural color in her hair, and Chantal gave up the Disney villain dress for the ATFR special.

I'm excited to have a "Bachelorette Party" but honestly I don't think I can watch it if Ashley H.
is the bachelorette.

The set-up.
Plenty of sparkling cider, roses, red velvet cupcakes, strawberries, candles and
(of course) Bachelor Brad (who was taken home by Sarah that night)

The favors

The crew

Anyone else have an eventful Bachelor night?