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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Was it just me, or was today beautiful?

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Ten Things That Make Me Terribly Happy
1. My little sister got her driver's license today! Here's to runaway trips to see her super awesome older sister, brother-in-law and niece!

2. It was so warm and pretty outside today that I played hooky and called into my internship (no worries- I'm ahead on my hours) . It's been a long time since I've done something like that and I feel no guilt. Because you know what? Soon, this little baby is going to come and there will BE no more "hooky." I won't be able to just call in from being a mom and drive around with my windows down. So I did it today and it almost made me cry.

3. doTerra essential oils. Seriously, this stuff heals you in like 1 second no matter WHAT the problem. I was introduced to them by my friend Kami who runs a family/whole living blog that is pretty great. The point is, they are amazing and I have a list t h i s l ooooo n g of oils that I want.

4. This weekend, I get to go to Rexburg for my friend's bridal shower. This means best friend time with Anna, spoiling Meredith, chatting all hours of the night with Liz, visiting Brandilyn at Panache and telling "can you believe that?!" stories, laughing til I puke with Amber and getting a big fat Horkley's soda for like 2cents.

5. Full-panel maternity jeans and the 30% off coupon that allowed me to get them. My life is changed.

6. Yeah, you're probably sick of product plugs and baby stuff, but my sister-in-law is letting me borrow her pregnancy pillow that looks something like this. I toss and turn a lot in the night, but at least with this pillow I fall asleep pretty fast off the bat.

7. The Book Thief by Markus Zusaks and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. For some weird reason I decided to start both of these books at the same time and now I'm so committed to each one that I can't put either of them down!

8. Ding! Dong! Our ants are dead! We had a mini infestation here of tiny sugar ants that made me gasp every time I walked into the kitchen. I tried a few natural remedies but after a couple of days my fear took over and I just sprayed Raid like crazy. My apartment was ventilated so here's hoping baby doesn't come out with an extra arm. Anyway, my kitchen floor is an ant graveyard and it makes me happy.

9. Yesterday I started another part of my internship where I am helping to run a girl's empowerment group! We had a lot of girls and we made medicine wheels and lit candles and I just love support groups. THIS is the kind of stuff I want to do as a social worker.

10. Spring cleaning my house and doing what people are telling is "nesting."
It makes my heart feel like bursting when I get stuff done.