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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

2 years happy

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
Today, I slept in because I was feeling horrible and Scott went to work. He came home for about two minutes before he had to run to the bus for school. He found me sitting in bed with the phone in my lap wearing a tank-top and his Pac-Man pajama pants. I was complaining about Medicaid and my rib pain and he was telling me to "make it quick" because he really had to run.

He kissed my face, darted out of the door and left me feeling huge in our unmade bed.

And on my phone was a text message from him:

"This time 2 years ago, i was frantically trying to get ready and leave the hotel room on time while trying not to cut myself while shaving. You were frantically trying to put on your wedding dress and pin it up and trying to remain calm. We were in great anticipation!"

Today is our 2 year anniversary, and if you would have told me two years ago that I would be writing this from Salt Lake City, Utah I probably would have declared that I would go anywhere with my Scott but still would have felt that he would never move me to Utah. If two years ago you would have told me that I would be celebrating my last anniversary just him and I 27 weeks pregnant I would have squealed with glee at the idea that we were going to have a family. If two years ago you would have told me anything about my life right now, at this moment, my newlywed-bride-self would have laughed and smiled and felt like the description sounded perfect.

Because it is. Perfectly what I've always wanted, I mean. It may not be what some consider glamorous, and sometimes I do get a little sad that we can't take some exotic trip or even a small town getaway because we are strapped for funds, but we are together, and we are happy. I am happy with Scott's occasional dandruff and he is happy with my occasional acne. I am happy with his one-size too big pants, and he is happy with my new stretch marks. I am happy with him and his desire to be better every day and he is happy with the goals I have set for myself. And we are not as boring as today will suggest. In fact, I think we are pretty adventurous people! We have taken many a road trip, been to many a museum and show, have tried new sports, camped in interesting places and have run hand in hand into new experiences.

So, while today is not going to be spent over a fancy dinner or in a fancy hotel room or giving each other fancy gifts or doing anything fancy at all, that's okay. Scott will go to school and work, I will clean the house and run some errands, and in the meantime I'll probably get some reminder text messages that I am my husband's "two-year-bride."

And I am happy with that.