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Being a grown-up

Carrie Lynn6 Comments

Today has been spent:
-In an online class (last one of the semester!)
-On the phone for 2 hours with government people both rude and nice
-Car-less and trying to figure out how not to be
-Emailing professors back and forth trying to figure out how to graduate
-Organizing work stuff
-Ignoring the dishes in my sink because I'm too busy
-Recovering from some probably-pregnancy-related-illness that hit me like a train yesterday
-Brainstorming ways to get to my internship in 3 hours
-Adding something to my to-do list every 5 minutes

And it's only 12:30 in the afternoon.

Sorry, folks. No oh-so-inspirational blog post today. But I love you and am grateful you're reading this. It makes me feel like the world is not so mean.