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MS Raffle/Drawing/Fun Package Thing

Carrie Lynn8 Comments
So, as some of you know, I will be celebrating 30 weeks of pregnancy by (doing my best to) complete a 5K for MS awareness on April 30th.

I don't know anyone personally that has MS, and I thought: All the more reason to walk- sounds like it could use some awareness!

Anyway, I'd like to try and raise a few dollars for the event and so I got the help of some lovely ladies and together we put together a little incentive for you donate ANYTHING to MS Awareness. If you donate ANY AMOUNT you get entered in a drawing to win this loot:

Scrapbooking supplies
courtesy of Miss Courtney from You Will, Won't You
Some yummy lip balm (a 4 pack!) and an MS awareness badge
courtesy of Miss Lindsay from Pixies and Bears
and a rockin' orange bling necklace
courtesy of Brandilyn from Cats and Cardigans

Also included is a
frame lovingly made by yours truly, a cute stack of blank cards and a funky pen
to write in them with.



1. You must donate ANY AMOUNT and then leave a comment on this post
You may donate through this link:


1. Blog/Facebook/Tweet this with a link back here and then leave a comment on this post for EACH one you did

2. Go HERE and vote for my little sister's essay so she can win a scholarship then come back and leave me a comment telling me you did.

Winner will be announced Saturday, April 30th at 9am right before I go on my walk!

C'mon, it's for a good cause. Hope you're able to scrounge up a bill or two!