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White Pants and Weird Conversations

Carrie Lynn11 Comments
So after hearing my mom talk about how she was looking for a pair of white capri pants for Spring, I too developed the itch to dress myself nautical. I found some light-weight, bright white maternity capri's at Ross for like $12 and a long navy blue shirt to go with 'em.

All weekend, I was looking forward to wearing them, but when I showed up at work on Monday I ended up having an incredibly awkward conversation that revolved around my pants.

The following convo is not word-for-word accurate because it was so uncomfortable, but I have put my thoughts in subtext.

Weird co-worker #1: "Whoa. I can't believe you're wearing white pants"

Me: Whoa. You seem really concerned about my clothing.
"Oh, well I really like them. They are super comfortable and light-weight."

Weird co-worker #1: "I just think it's pretty brave."

Me: "Well, heh-heh... it IS May. After Labor Day and all that."
That should end this convo.

Weird co-worker #2: "Aren't you worried about (lowers voice) accidents?"

Me: Blank stare. I have no idea what she's talking about but I should just agree with her to end this conversation.
"Um, nope."

Weird co-worker #2: "Like, the MONTHLY accident?"

Me: Looks down at giant 32 week pregnant belly
but if I did have some sort of bloody accident at 32 weeks, I'm pretty sure I would way more worried about MY BABY than my white capri pants.

Weird co-worker #2: "Oh, I would just be really worried about that."

Me: Just smile and agree, Carrie. Get out of this. 
"It's not like I'm going to wear them home from the hospital!"
Why do I keep fighting for this ridiculous topic?

Weird co-worker #1: "Well, I'm just saying walking around will get them dirty."

Me: Now's your chance! Agree and walk away! 
"But they are CAPRI pants!" 
Shut-up! Shut-up! Shut-up! 
"They are high off the ground!"

Weird co-worker #1: "Still."

Me: Eating a Tootsie Roll.

Weird co-worker #1: "See! Like, aren't you worried about getting chocolate on your pants?!"

Me: Might as well keep fighting since you obviously can't just shut-up. 
"NO! It's a Tootsie Roll! It's not going to melt!"

... awkward silence... awkward silence... phone rings.