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"Sorry about the mess..."

Carrie Lynn5 Comments
Scott just hates it when I apologize for a messy house. He thinks no one will notice the mess if we act like it's normal. He thinks no one really cares if there are shoes everywhere a couple dishes in the sink. He's mostly right.

But I was raised that the slightest clutter is a mess and should be apologized for the instant someone walks in the door so the person knows that you really do care about them, but you simply did not have time to clean up for them.

I get mortified when I imagine someone thinking that the normal state of my apartment is... well.. normal. I want them to know that I am aware of the problem and will fix it. The first step is always admittance, right?

I've tried to follow in my family's footsteps of cleaning up the house when people are coming over, but I'll be honest- I get a lot of unexpected visitors. And my house is never totally picked up and clean. And Scott says I apologize like 50 times. I guess this can make people anxious.

With baby coming, I have a feeling that, at least for a while, there are going to be dirty dishes in the sink and stuff lying around and unexpected guests that come over.

So, in preparation, I made this sign and I put it on my door:

(For the record, I saw this saying on Pinterest, but liked my version better visually- feel free to take it).

Rude? I don't think so. Fair warning? Yes.