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The Good News Is (or) The Update

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No worries, I am still here!

I thought about posting my birth story here, but I'm still writing it because I want to get every single glorious detail. There was a moment in the delivery room that I said: "this is the best day of my life" and I meant it so it's a pretty important day to document right. I'll post it soon for those of you who are curious and don't mind reading words like "dilated."

Ya'all. Miss Georgia Rose is a whooping 8 days old. I remember when I used to hear 1 month married newlyweds say things like: "I just feel like we've been married forever" and wondered if something was wrong with Scott and I because we STILL feel like brand new newlyweds 2 years later.
So, when Georgia turned a week old, I was expecting to feel the same way- like we just got together. But I feel like SHE has been with us FOREVER. 8 days doesn't seem that old to me. It's astounding how much your mind and body and heart and soul can change in just 8 short little days.

(Fourth of July. We didn't do anything, but Georgia wore her patriotic dress)

For anyone curious, motherhood, so far, has not been as traumatic as everyone warned me it would be. I know it will get worse as she gets older (aka bigger tummy = more feedings and less sleep, teething, teenage years, etc) but I am feeling pretty good. I know that most of this has to do with the fact that my family cleaned my apartment top to bottom before we came home and I did not have to worry about it at all while they were here. Scott and I have been pretty OCD about keeping it clean because hormonal Carrie cannot handle little sleep, breastfeeding, AND a messy house. Last week, I couldn't find a shirt to wear (since nothing fits) and the closet was messy so I just put my head on a shelf and started sobbing about how overwhelming our closet was. Yup. Mom and Scott organized it for me before my family went home.

As far as sleep deprivation goes, Georgia Rose is pretty consistent through the night and I try to sleep when she sleeps in the day. Honestly, I thought I was doing great on little sleep until we had to take Georgia into the hospital to get her bilirubin levels checked, and interacting with everyone made me realize just how fried I am! But hey, at least I am awake and aware as I tottle around our apartment.

While the weather is nice I have made a goal to walk around a 1/2 mile loop by my apartment at least once and day and that has been really good for me to get some sun. The other day I walked to my husband's work (a mile and a half away) but had to be driven home since I was wearing jeans (it's all I had that fit me besides the skirt I've been wearing every day) and decided that a passed out mama on the side of the road was no good for baby Georgia. But like I said, the sun and the walking has been most healing.

Although we are not perfect at it yet, I am a fan of breastfeeding so far. I don't have tons to say about it since every mom and baby are different but for us, it has been going great.

I think the biggest noticeable change in my life comes in the form of a split mind. Suddenly, I am not only taking care of my husband, but I am taking care of a baby that needs me every minute of the day. This results in my mind being split wife/mother. It's interesting being SO aware of Scott because for years, me showing love him I love him has come without thinking and now it has to be a bit more thought out. Not in a negative way, just in a different way.

Further, Scott and I both agree that our relationship feels different since Georgia has entered our life- "deeper" is the word we use because it's the only vocabulary we can find to describe it. Deeper. And I wouldn't change that for the world.

Anyway, if you read this far through this post, here is a little squishy reward ;)

(Kisses from Baby Georgie!)