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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

What are YOU doing today?

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Today, I am doing a few things.

I am desperately trying to clean my house to "Sylvester standard" in preparation of my family coming to visit for a few days.

I am getting pictures of Georgia printed so I have some cute pictures to put up at her blessing after party.

I am picking up her/my/my sister's blessing dress from the dry cleaners and praying they didn't ruin it.

I am growing increasingly impatient with the on and off rain because I desperately want to wash my car.

I am probably going to Costco. Just because I love to walk around Costco with a 59cent Diet Coke.

I am realizing that, based on the above statement, I should have my own show on Bravo because I'm such a typical Mormon housewife.

I am talking about poop and stain remover when someone asks me how my day is going.

I am walking around the park more times than I have in the past because I want to be as skinny as when I thought I was fat.

I am talking to my mom on the phone.

I am anxiously awaiting Scott to get home from work so our family can cuddle. And so he can help me finish cleaning the house to "Sylvester standards."

But for your additional entertainment, my dear, sweet readers, I am guest posting over at my cousin's blog Wise Owl Baby. It's all about chubby cheeks and picture books. I discuss my obsession with Peter Pan.

Hope your day is as gloriously typical as mine!