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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Survey Says

Carrie Lynn4 Comments

I hate not making money. For this reason, I have usually had some sort of employment- and when I was not employed, I was selling Scentsy candles. Upon moving to Utah, I worked about 40 hours per week at my internship and ignored the fact that I wasn't contributing financially to our family. After all- I WAS about to graduate.

And then I had Georgia- contributing the most valuable thing I could to our family.

But I miss my guilt-free spending money.

So I started taking survey's online. For money. I am a survey-whore.

And you know what? I get my first 50 bucks on October 1st.

I take most of my surveys through So far, I have been paid to play video games, try out make-up, get an auto insurance quote, try out a savings/coupon site and rent movies. It's been a pretty sweet deal, and I am on my way to having the Anthropologie dress of my dreams!

P.S. If this sounds up your alley- you can check out Vindale through THIS LINK. And hey- I get $5 if you sign up and take a survey. Help a sister out.