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"Family"Carrie Lynn3 Comments

The other day I called my mom from the store and she was all: "Is Georgia with you?" And I was all like: "Uh. Yeah. Always."

And I love that we spend our days together, I really do. I like that she smiles at me from the bathroom floor when I'm getting ready. I love that when I have her on my hip vacuuming I hear start cracking up for some reason I honestly can't tell you. I love it. I mean, really. Look at that face. How can I not?

But you know what else I love? My "break." When Scott gets home from work and school, I give him some time to unwind and then I leave for about an hour. Sometimes I run an errand, sometimes I window shop, sometimes I read (always I get a Diet Coke). It's so nice to have some time where I'm not constantly thinking baby and Scott enjoys his daddy daughter time with Georgia.

I've discovered that we are a pretty independent family. I love Georgia but I crave my alone time, as does Scott. We all need our space- even Georgia gets sick of people in her face all the time. So while I love the moments when we are all taking a nap in our bed on a Sunday afternoon, I also like these moments. The ones where Georgia is happily playing with her feet on the floor, Scott is winding down with a TV show, and I'm catching up on blogging.

What can I say? I love my family. They're perfect for me.

(written last night)