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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Cheapster Giveaway!

Carrie Lynn7 Comments
UPDATE: GUY AND MALLORY IS THE WINNER OF THIS GIVEAWAY! CONGRATULATIONS! Also, Scott DID get enough votes and he is officially in the competition! His first challenges will be next weekend!

Here's the thing.

My husband is so cheap, he uses free shampoo and conditioner samples he orders in the mail instead of buying shampoo and conditioner.

My husband is so cheap, he pops his popcorn at home so he'll have popcorn at the movie theatre.

My husband is so cheap, he got a free razor on campus and has been using it for the past 6 months.

My husband is so cheap, we signed a 2 year lease on our apartment so that we could save $25/month.

My husband is so cheap, he ate Rasienettes out of the garbage because he couldn't bare to see a half-eaten bag of something so expensive thrown away.

My husband is so cheap, we only go OUT on dates if there is a good groupon.

My husband is so cheap, if he won $10,000 he would be excited... to pay off student loans.

And that's why Scott deserves to be a Cheapster. Zion's bank is letting 10 "cheapster's" compete in thrifty challenges on a web reality series to determine who is the "Ultimate Cheapster." And THAT person will win 10 grand.

8 people have already been chosen, but 2 more are picked based on who has the most "likes" on their photo on Facebook. Right now, Scott is in 2nd place, but 3rd place girl is close behind him.

We want this really. really. badly.

So bad, that I'm offering a giveaway:

A Custom Made Picture Frame by Yours Truly

*Pictures are examples of past frames taken with a low quality camera*

Whatever you want it to say, look like, feel like- it will all be up to you. Also, I'll throw in some other happy stuff... probably some coupons since- hey- it goes with the theme.

To Enter:

"Like" Scott's photo through THIS LINK and leave a comment to enter to win.

"Share" the photo on your Facebook wall and leave a separate comment for an additional entry.

If you have already done one or both of these things, go ahead and leave your comments. That's two entries total.

The giveaway closes Thursday, October 6th at midnight because that's when voting closes.

So vote for Scott! Unless you think my baby is ugly.