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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Scott is currently:

-Wrapping up the first bit of filming for's reality webisode series "Cheapster!" He is officially in the running to win $10,000 by being the cheapest person there is! We can't talk about the challenges or anything (obviously) but I will tell you that it is going to be worth watching. Rumor is the first show should go up on October 25th, but we will keep you posted. In the meantime- here is Scott's audition video:

-starting looking into going on a Weezer Cruise since he is already spending the $10K in his head.

-a walking zombie since he is balancing school, work, a baby that loves to fuss through the night, and this Cheapster thing.

Carrie is currently:

-decorating her house for Halloween and getting costume's ready.

-planning a Halloween party for her apartment complex with her neighbor.

-participating in a lonely wives dinner club who's husbands are gone all day and night at least once a week.

-painting her coffee table red (not a door, or the town- her coffee table).

-beginning to realize that she is becoming a hunchback and is trying to stand up straight.

-ignoring more and more housework in order to give her child the increasing attention she demands.

Georgia is currently:

-increasing her attention demand.

-taking up the entire family bed when she naps.

-wondering why Mom put her in a Johnny Jump-Up when she clearly doesn't jump.

-talking all the time in high-pitched squeals that resemble a baby pig or a dinosaur.

-tipping 11lbs.