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Five Guilty Pleasures

"Confessions"Carrie Lynn9 Comments
We all have 'em. That song you hope no one hears you listening to, that bottle of canned cheese you hide in the back of your cupboard, those stained pajama's with the holes in the them no one on the outside world knows you have. Guilty pleasures. Perhaps Scott will be embarrassed that I am sharing these but...

Carrie Lynn's 5 Most Guilty Pleasures:

1. This song. I like to spout how much I hate Ke$ha and how she should go get some talent and real letters in her name... BUT. This song is on my play list. And I dance to it. A lot.

2. McDonald's. Sick, right? Hamburgers made out of like 50 cows? Gross! But I love it. Call it comfort food or something. You know what else I love? The Monopoly Game AT McDonald's. Yesterday, Scott and I got our first fast food combos in YEARS. And we put our little properties on our little game board. And we entered the property codes online. And Scott won a $10 EA game and like 150 Coke points. And it was so fun.

3. Bathrobes. Who even wears bathrobes anymore? Me. My roommates used to think this was the weirdest thing ever, but I have a problem with jumping right out of the shower into underwear and clothes. I hate how my sticky body acts like sensitive velcro with whatever I'm trying to put on. So I cozy up in a big, ugly bathrobe, make myself breakfast, check my email, and THEN get dressed.

4. The Real Housewives. Not all of them- just New York and New Jersey. I love seeing them throw tables and repeat "This isn't the time for the ******* place for this!" I don't know why I love it. But I do.

5. Zac Efron. There. I said it. But not in like a "ooo baby" sort of way. For some reason, I feel like I KNOW Zac Efron. Like we were in high school drama together and I watched him get his "big break." I love to watch Zac Efron movies because for some reason, I feel PROUD of him for "making it." Aaaaaand I may or may not find him incredibly good looking. Oh man. Did I just admit that? The skinny high school musical kid? Yup.

So there you have it. Bold and true. Please don't judge me.