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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


"Family"Carrie Lynn5 Comments

Often, conversations with young moms who are about my age who have children about Georgia's age go like something like this:

"My daughter just LOVES music. She really responds to Disney tunes."
"Oh yes, my daughter loves music too- we listen to the classical station and it just soothes her right away."
"My son kicks and giggles when we listen to big band music!"
"Carrie, does Georgia respond to a type of music?"

"Yeah. She really likes hip-hop dance music."


"Yup. And rap. She cracks up when Nicki Minaj raps Super Bass. However, mostly she likes the Black Eyed Peas and that Tonight, Tonight song. The other day she got a hold of our Ipod and all of the sudden 'I Gotta Feelin' came blaring out along with her belly laugh. I don't know how she got that song to play, but she did."

I'm being serious folks. My daughter is gangster.

I blame it on Scott.

He had a plan to have Georgia love classic rock music like him so we would listen to Journey and he would drum on my pregnant stomach. The plan backfired, obviously, since Georgie learned instead to like music with a heavy bass... mainly of the club genre.

20 bucks says she'll be one of those teenagers you loathe that pull up next to you at a stop light and give you an instant headache because all you can hear is their booming bass. At which point, you can call Scott and thank him for it.