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Favorite Things Party

"Made It"Carrie Lynn1 Comment

Friday night a bunch of cousins (and wives of cousins) got together to celebrate their favorite things.

I explained how the whole thing worked in the e-vite:

"Each person brings their favorite thing (could be anything from lip gloss to a kitchen tool, to mixed CD of songs). It can't exceed more than $5 and each person brings five of the same thing.

We have each of you put your name in a bowl 5 times. Then, one at a time each lady will introduce her favorite thing and then read 5 names she picked from the bowl, passing out her gift to those 5 guests. After everyone at the party has presented her favorite thing, each person should end up with five gifts to take home"

Anyway, my MIL (Lori) and SIL (Sarah) threw the party at Lori's house and about a dozen people came and we were thrilled with the turn-out!

Lori made these really amazing sandwiches (sun dried tomato goodness in cream cheese- I swear I downed like 80), Sarah took care of the desserts, and I was in charge of drinks and scones. FYI, if a recipe tells you that lemon curd only takes 10-15min to make, it is LYING to you. And, call my crazy, but I saw these mason jar "slip covers" if you will online, and, with an occasion finally presenting itself, I made them. Lace and ribbon around mason jars. I thought they were lovely.

Also, we had bags for everyone so they could take home their goodies and I was pleased to see that most of the guests used the post-it notes I had made. Oh, and Sarah's banner was an adorable hit.

We all had fun sharing our favorite things- I forgot to take pictures of all the stuff, but some of the stuff included

a favorite brand of socks,
Redbox promo codes,
a Fuzzy Wuzzy blind cleaner,
Barkeepers Friend,
and some snacks and recipes.

The best of the night, however, was when two sisters decided to make their favorite things go together, not realizing that not everyone was guaranteed the "set" they had created. Therefore, some people got a bag of Pita Chips, and some people got mayonnaise and tuna. Everyone was cracking up at the idea that mayo and tuna was someone's MOST FAVORITE thing.

After awhile, things got a little crazy with some old school dance moves...

but all in all, it was a successful party.