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Georgia in the Fast Lane (or, Boring Mom Videos)

Carrie Lynn2 Comments
In the fast lane of Miss Georgia Rose, we have passed by a few milestones. Because I went through labor and delivery, I feel it is my right to talk about my little one and all of her "tricks" as of late.

Bear with me, folks.

First off, we have our new high chair! I wanted a high chair that WASN'T gigantic and plastic with cartoon characters all over it. I wanted it to match my table and chairs. I wanted to be able to use it for more than one kid. I found one that I loved ($115, yikes!) and Scott (that Cheapster husband of mine) told me that I should keep searching in the classifies. Then, I found it.

A Stokke Tripp Trapp. For sixty bones. I have no idea why this high chair is normally $250, but I like the way it looks, I like that Georgia sits at the table with us, and I like that I can use it for more than one kid. I think Georgia likes it better than her Bumbo... at least, she gets much less distracted. Of course, her 14lb little frame looks pretty hilarious at the table with us.

Next stop- scooting. I used to put toys just out of her reach to encourage her to scoot but she used to just look at them and yell (yelling at things that don't go her way... I wonder who she gets that from...). Then, while we were visiting Rexburg last weekend, she got all excited and scooted that little bum all over the place.

Oh yeah, she can also sit up really really well, but she hates it. I actually saw her sit up from her stomach but only once and she immediately dove for a toy. She seems much too curious to sit and would rather dive at things and put them in her mouth. We were visiting a friend, and her baby was sitting up so good and strong and just playing away with one toy, and while I was admiring her, Georgia was sucking on stroller wheel. Keepin' it classy.

Also in Rexburg, she played with Amber and Lucas's dog, Moose and it was too cute for words.

At one point, Moose would bark and Georgia would laugh, which would make Moose bark more which would make Georgia laugh harder. I wish I had it on video, but that's just one of those sweet memories we'll have to keep. Anyway, I'm pretty set on getting a puppy as soon as possible. I told Scott to imagine this guy:

jumping around our baby. He responded, in all seriousness, "I wouldn't be able to handle that level of cuteness." But, c'mon. My teacup baby needs a Teacup Maltese, am I right?

Moving along, Georgia has also found fart noises to be hilarious. One day, she tooted and then started cracking up. Another day, I was making raspberry noises and it was the first and only time I have ever seen her laugh so hard she cried.

That time, she laughed and then tried to make the noise herself, and now if you make a raspberry sound at her, she will do it back.

Oh my potty humored baby... what have we taught you?!

She sleeps through the night really well, thanks for asking. We didn't "train" her at all, we just got REALLY lucky and she did it herself. I do NOT envy any of you mommy's with restless babies and wish I had some magical advice for you. Instead, I just have a baby who, like her mom, just loves to sleep.

Is that enough boring mom video's and repetitive pictures for you? I don't feel like I do this often, but thanks for sticking with me. I'm just pretty much obsessed.

...sigh... Scott and I need a get away.