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Made it Monday: Polka Dot Dress

"Made It"Carrie Lynn7 Comments
For me, sewing is like exercise.

I always hate doing it, but I always like the result.

Scott and I are trying to get through the last season of 24 on Netflix right now. We usually watch it late at night, and I found that I was having really intense nightmares (for example, being interrogated and having bad guys break Georgia's fingers one by one to get me to talk). I hate nightmares, but I love 24. So, I decided that if I focused on something else while watching it, I didn't have so many nightmares.

Such is the background of this polka dot dress.

It's probably one of the better sewing projects I've done, and I like that I was able to finish it late on a Saturday night so Georgia could have it for Sunday. I even made that matching bow on her head because I am ridiculous.

At church, a lovely lady tugged on Georgia's new dress and said: "They have the cutest clothes for babies these days." I swear I was about to cry. I looked at her and said: "Really? I made this." She looked impressed and it made my day. My week. My year.