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Leap Day

Carrie Lynn2 Comments

Let's all accknowledge that it's leap day, shall we?

For some reason, I didn't think of this day as that big of a deal until my partner in over-celebrating everything brought it to my attention that we needed to go "leap around" one of those trampoline/foam pit places. I got all excited, but Scott was all: "I have hoooomewoooork. I'm respoooooonsibleeee."

I decided to be supportive because I am a good wife. And if Scott was going to do homework all night, then I would have had to take the baby with me at her bed time. And if I wanted Scott to watch the baby, he would have had to get off work early. But he's respoooooonisbleeeee.

So I spent my bonus day at home and at Costco with a Diet Coke. I picked Scott up from work. I took a shower. We put Georgia to bed.

Then we watched Modern Family.

Phil was saying how leap day is this special, extraordinary 24 hours. That God gives you an EXTRA DAY to do whatever you want. I guess we hadn't thought of it that way. We sat there, suddenly really depressed.

Scott started saying that he was going to do something crazy. I realized something about my husband then. I realized that I didn't believe him. Scott has become a lot less crazy ever since I got pregnant. He goes to class everyday (despite my pleas for him to play hookie just once) and he works hard at his job and he pays the bills on time. He goes to bed late, but he's usually working on something. He sacrifices just about everything he wants because it costs money.

I really didn't mean to tell him all of those thoughts in a manipulative way. I think he may have been realizing it too. He just is a lot less crazy now. But when I brought this to his attention, he got pretty huffy. Literally, starting huffing and puffing. Then he took the car keys and left and I don't know where he went.

I'm pretty anxious to see what he comes homes with.

How did you spend YOUR extra day?