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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Yesterday, we spent the day running around with cousins, dyeing eggs and hunting for more. We ate treats and laughed and hopped like bunnies. Georgia wore the shirt I made her.

Today, we went to our Easter baskets, and while we found some candy and stuffed animals, we also found some things to remind us of why today is so special. To turn our mind to Christ and remember that it is because of His resurrection, all things are possible. We took our new hymn book to the park with our guitar and sang songs as a family. We sat far away from everyone for obvious reasons, and the solitude made my heart feel light as I looked at my tiny family and contemplated on our lives together forever.

We went to church and Georgia was grumpy in her beautiful Easter dress because she couldn't crawl around in it very well. After afternoon naps, we headed to Scott's parents house where we had a delicious meal with both Scott's grandparents. We skyped with my family. I loved today.

I finished the four gospels of the New Testament today (every year I read the four gospels between new years and Easter). I don't know why, but this year I have had an exceptionally tender heart toward the resurrection of Christ. I just get lost in the thought that He has so much love, He gives EVERYONE a resurrected body. What a beautiful gift. What a deep and also incredibly simple gift.

I found this song on Youtube, and honestly, the video is a bit melodramatic for my taste. If I were you, I would press play and then turn off your computer screen and listen to the song. It had me in tears mulitiple times. Just thinking about being able to rise up and meet my Savior leaves me feeling so humbled, full of hope, and full of happiness. I hope it does the same for you.