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Punching Today in the Face.

Carrie Lynn2 Comments

I found this image on Pinterest and I was all "YES!" because that's the attitude I have woken up with the past two days.

Everyday, I wake up in a bad mood. I am tired, hungry, achy and usually something in my house needs to be cleaned or I have to go somewhere or I have nowhere to go or someone needs me or no one needs me. All of these grumpy thoughts make it really easy for me to half-ass* my mornings. To walk around in my underwear for a really long time. To play with my baby and not really do anything else.

I went to Boise last week where my mom was all mom-ish and told me to shut up and suck it up. I was very grumpy during that conversation. But, on my way back to Utah, I practiced some positive self-talk and convinced myself that my life was going to be different.

And then I came home to a messy house.
Which was awesome...
Scott and I cleaned it before we went to bed and I wondered how on earth I was going to keep on living without being a grumpy, naggy, tired mom.

When I woke up Monday morning, I did not let the fact that my house was not perfectly clean destroy me. I got up, worked out (!), showered and got dressed. Dinner was in the crock pot by noon. Bam.

Carrie: 1
Annoying Life: 0

And guess what? Today, I did it all over again. I focused on what I COULD control instead of what I COULDN'T control.

I followed my personal renewal guidelines. I drank more water. I laughed.

I got a free ice cream at Ben&Jerry's.

I had a pretty awesome day.

*there's just no other way to say that. "Half-butt-ed?" Um. No.