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Love's Fool

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
Whenever I used to tell the story of how Scott and I started dating, I felt embarrassed. I know Scott felt embarrassed too. We liked each other almost from the moment that we met, but it took us MONTHS to communicate that we wanted to date one another. The whole story just sounds so typical.

We had some sweet friends come over for dinner on Wednesday, and, in telling the story for the 100th time, I realized something.

Scott and I were never weird game players. We were prideful. So, so prideful. I wanted him to tell me I was the greatest girl he ever met, and he wanted me to tell him he was the only man I thought about. When I thought that he liked someone else, my pride would take over and I would proclaim to the world that I was ACTUALLY in love with so-and-so and that Scott and I were just good friends. Because that's what I thought HE thought, and I wasn't going to let love make me a fool. And when I proclaimed this love for so-and-so, Scott would decide that we were just good friends because there's noway he was going to let me make him look stupid.

Funny, isn't it?
Once we actually got around to dating one another, it was the easiest relationship ever. I mean, it wasn't hard at all. I didn't have to "try." And so we got married. Okay, sure- the whole "not having to try" thing didn't last a real long time. We still have pride issues too, it turns out. But now we are better at overcoming them. Because I  am willing to look like an idiot for Scott. He is willing to look like an idiot for me.

And that is why we will live awkwardly ever after.