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Because Who Can Decide Between Wicked and Cosby?

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The dynamics of my weekend take a bit of back story. If you want to see my insane weekend at a glance here it is:

Spent the day packing and getting errands done
Dropped of Georgia at my angel of a mother-in-law who was going to watch her overnight (along with 3 other granddaughters) at 2:30pm
Picked up Scott at 3pm
Got gas (using our Smith's rewards points so it cost us less than $45 to fill up) 
On the road at 3:30pm
Got to Rexburg at 6:30pm
Drove straight the venue and parked
Saw BILL COSBY from 7:30 to 9:30pm (with our dear friends, Liz and Jacob and the Chapmans)
9:45pm went to meet and kiss Junior
10:15pm met up with Meridith and Seth at JB's
11:30pm Met KC's new girlfriend

Went to Meredith and Seth's house at midnight
Talked to Meredith until 1am when Scott told me we should really go to bed.
Got up at 5am and left Rexburg
Arrived at my in-laws house at 8:15am
Picked up Georgia and left at 8:30am
Drove straight to my usher orientation and got there right on time at 8:45am
Sat through 4 hours and ate every piece of hard candy in front of me to stay awake- had a stomach ache the rest of the day

If you want to know my intention behind having such an insane weekend, read on*:

To relieve some of my boredom, I  had been looking for a chance to volunteer in the community. Of course, everything I really wanted to do took up too much time or too much commitment, or not enough time or not enough commitment and it was all starting to bum me out. 
I was sharing my woe with a new friend of mine who suggested that I volunteer where she does- with Salt Lake County Patron Services. She told me that she is a volunteer usher for 5 (count them) venues in Salt Lake City, and the perk is that whatever show she is ushering for, she gets to see for free. 
Then she told me how excited she was about Wicked coming into town this summer and I just about fell off my couch. My new friend had no idea that I used to be involved in theatre and was surprised as I connected all of my words together explaining that I have had the Wicked soundtrack memorized for YEARS but have never been able to afford to actually see the show. 
She gave me the information on how to sign up (which is HERE), and by the end of the night, I was all registered for the orientation meeting the following month. After the orientation, I had to go through an individual interview and then wait for them to call my references and give me a letter telling me I was good enough to volunteer. From THERE I had to attend a once/month mandatory 4 hour training. Of course all of this was no problem. It's WICKED. It's concerts and ballets and operas a minimum of 3 (count them) times a month! 

During this whole process, Scott had seen that Bill Cosby was going to be at BYU-Idaho performing. You read that right. BILL. COSBY. The legend. Hands down my favorite comedian. We got really excited and decided we were going to go since, even with gas, the tickets would be pretty cheap. The show was on June 8th.

I got my letter of acceptance from Patron Services, and then I noticed that the only mandatory training I could attend (before Wicked) was June 9th. At 9am.

Scott and I debated and fussed and came up with multiple ways of doing both because I could not believe that God would make me choose between Wicked (tried to see for years, but would probably have another chance in this life) and Bill Cosby (didn't try to see for years, but this was probably my last shot). 

Which, ladies and gentleman, brings me to the crazy weekend I have outlined for you at the start of this post. Scott and I may be old and fat parents, but we still do whatever we want. Including going to Rexburg for 10 hours to see a legend, and coming back so I can see the musical I have wanted to see forever. 

*(I just realized this was like a really lame choose your own adventure post...)