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Girls Night

Carrie LynnComment
My MIL (Lori) and my SIL (Sarah) and I all had a much needed girls night out last night. We weren't wild and crazy, but I think our conversation was exactly what each of us needed. Per Lori's suggestion, we headed to Vinto downtown.

I love downtown Salt Lake. It's so unassuming and then when you look a little closer at it it hits you with swanky awesomeness. If I was single, I would search for a guy who reminded me of downtown Salt Lake City.

The pizza was amazing (if you go, you will not regret the Bianco di Lemone pizza or the grilled artichoke hearts), but so was the company. Each of us ladies has been pretty stressed out lately and I feel like we haven't really been ourselves around one another. Last night we were so relaxed and I remembered just how grateful I am to be married into this family. Which is awesome, considering I'm pretty elitist when it comes to my own family.

Anyway, we just talked and laughed for hours and Lori said it's my turn next month to plan girls night and I said: "Why am I always next?!" And she pointed at Sarah and said: "Because she's pregnant" and little pregnant Sarah just shrugged her shoulders like: "Yeah, I am." 

And then we all went home.