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Made it Monday: Father's Day Tie Wreath

"Made It"Carrie Lynn3 Comments

My husband is a hoarder. 
Today, at his parents shop, he pulled out a box of ties. There were probably like 30 in there. Then, he handed me a paper bag with probably another 50. They are all ugly ties. It's his ugly tie collection. 

Well, instead of throwing all of these away, I decided I could make something out of them. I have had an idea for a tie wreath for a while now, and I was happy (sh! don't tell him) that I had all of these for free.
Of course, I thought my idea was totally original and then found few just like it on the internet. Does that happen to anyone else? I hate when that happens to me!
Anyway, this wreath was super easy, took no glue or sewing, and I was done in about 15 minutes.

Fold the tie in half, but don't line the edges up exactly
Place tie under your wreath
Flip the folded edge all the way around your wreath, coming toward you

Wrap the rest of the tie around the wreath, away from you
Position the tie the way you want it
Pin in place with a straight pin

I tied a tie in a bow and stuck on some stickers to say: "worlds best dad" 

Because I want everyone to know that he lives here. Even though he's a hoarder.