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Made it Monday: Writing Prompts Booklet

"Made It"Carrie LynnComment
My cousin Benjamin is pretty awesome. He plays football, and throws shot put and he's like a million feet tall. What you probably couldn't tell from looking at him though (seriously, he's huge) is that he likes to fall asleep in his mom's lap. And he writes short stories. And he's one of the most tenderhearted people ever. I don't know a whole lot of 18 year old boys like that.

We went to his graduation party on Saturday, and I was trying to come up with a gift. The best part about having no money is that you are forced to give really thought-out, handmade stuff.
I thought about Benjamin, and how I reallyreallyreally hope he never stops writing. So I made him this:

Just 20 blank index cards with 20 different creative writing prompts on them. Some I made up, and some I got from a few websites. I didn't have time to punch a hole through every page, so I just had them held together with a cool clip- it was more masculine than tied with a ribbon, anyway.

My favorite prompt is: "Beer-Crazed Elephants Face Execution!"
Of course, Ben has already written a story about an elephant.