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My Sister is Amazing

Carrie Lynn4 Comments
May 25, 2012
The day started with my mom ironing a hat. 

Because the hat was wrinkled, and a girl as amazing as my sister deserves as a crisp graduation hat. 

This is Sheridan

You may notice those ropes around her neck?

You get all of that stuff when you graduate high school in the top 5% of your class with a 4.12 GPA. 

 I admire and look up to my sister, even though she is 8 years my junior. 
She is better than me in every way. I don't say because I feel bad about myself- I say that because having Dani as my sister makes me feel BETTER about myself.

Her graduation only took like an hour and half, which we were all grateful for. 

And this lady was one proud, weepy mama. She only gets one kid with those smarts, and I secretly think she was weeping at the loss of the only child she doesn't have to threaten to do homework.

May 26, 2012
Of course, our house was decorated in honor of the pride of our family

That really is THAT picture THAT big above our piano.

This is display is pretty much my sister's entire life. MUCH more embarrassing for me than for her.

And we must not forget the food.
I MUST say that this table looked a lot better in real life... but alas... I am but a fauxtographer.

We had 14 feet of sandwich. 14. feet.

The rest of my Memorial Day weekend is in the works. Shortly after I uploaded my pictures and gave my mother-in-law back her nice camera my computer was all: "Hm. I don't think I'm gonna let you get on the internet." Of course, Scott fixed it in 2 seconds. The point is, there is more coming.