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Made it Monday: Petal Pillow

"Made It"Carrie LynnComment
So, I pretty much broke my Aunt's heart when I was visiting her in Virginia. She was SURE that I made something every Monday- on a Monday and that's how "Made it Monday" came to be. For all of you under the same notion, alas, this is not so. I usually do make something about once a week, but it rarely is ever on a Monday. I just so happen to blog about my little creations on Mondays because I think it's catchy.

In fact, I made this pillow months ago. MONTHS. And if you have been to my apartment and sat on my slip-covered garage sale couch, you may have leaned on it and said: "did you make this?"
Then I would nod and we would go about our merry conversation.

I like this pillow. It was an evening project while watching a movie. It was super easy and I followed this great tutorial to do it.
I didn't use felt like the original tutorial called for- I used duck canvas because I liked the subtle look and the fraying edges.

I really like pillows.