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DC: Virginia Beach and More Family and The End

Carrie LynnComment
Sheesh! We have no been home almost a month and I'm happy to say this is the last installment of our DC trip. Next time, I am going to try and blog as I go- this was ridiculous!

Anyway, we went to Virginia Beach. We got there late because we stopped and saw Cathy and James and their freaking cute son Ryan and talked to them for way longer than we had planned.

We got to the beach when the sun was slowly going down and there weren't many people. It was Georgia's first time in the ocean.

Also, she ate Virginia Beach. I have no idea why she kept eating the sand but she would. not. stop. Little weirdo.

I love the ocean. I love any body of water that GOD put there and not something humans built. I only wish we would have gotten there earlier so I could have gotten at least a little bit of a tan ;)

After the beach, we headed to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Paul's house out in the country. I wish I had a picture of their house. It is right on the water and so so old. My Aunt Debbie decorates like someone who should set up the photo shoots for Pottery Barn. I mean, her place is adorable. And of course my Aunt Debbie was the sweetest ever and just absolutely showered us with love! I was thrilled to be staying at their place because I haven't seen them in 18 years. Yeah. 18. Scott couldn't believe that. My Aunt Cindy (equally sweet) and her son, Bradley were also there and the next day more family came! It's a big deal to have my mom's side get any sort of together because all of her sisters live all over the country. So the fact that my cousin Nicki was there, along with Ali and Chad (again- 18 years), I was just thrilled. THRILLED!

Georgia was more interested in the dogs, but whatever. I'm pretty sure she has never been called "so pretty" so many times in her life. She was in heaven. I have a ton more pictures from our time at my Aunt's house, but alas, they are in the mail on their way to me. Perhaps I will upload them another time.

Besides seeing family, one of my favorite things was looking at all of these hilarious old pictures. Nickie and I truly rocked those floral rompers

All in all, our trip was a success. A tiring one, but a success. We made it home and I am beyond grateful that we had the opportunity to see so much family I rarely ever get to see.

I miss the trees and the company already.