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Georgia's Nursery

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My best friend is this really amazing photographer. She is also a poet. When we were pregnant together (!), she did this beautiful photography project that incorporated her poetry kind of as a gift to herself and her baby. And I thought- dang. I wish I had some sort of displayable talent to show how excited I am for my daughter to come...

Then I realized that I had worked really hard on her nursery. We are renting, so we can't paint the walls, and since Scott and I aren't rolling in the green we had to be very conservative. I scored all of the furniture on final clearance or a garage sale (rocking chair + ottoman = $15, windows = $5). My mom and my aunt were kind enough to get the crib bedding that I wanted, and all the rest I had on hand or made myself.


I'd say it was a labor of love. And sure, it's not totally crazy and elaborate, but now, over a year later, Georgia's nursery is still my favorite room in our little apartment. 

I made the book clock (a sort of tutorial is here)
I decided not to get a dresser, so for now, her clothes are folded up in these baskets in her changing table.

I always wanted a reading nook- but there wasn't much room for a big bookshelf. Instead, her books are in the cupboard by "Bo" the bear and we cuddle up with him to read. It is Georgia's favorite spot. I love watching her walk in, get a book and flip through it on Bo's lap.

There are all sorts of small details that I love. 

I made this frame while I was pregnant. It has my favorite poem about motherhood on it.

And, at night, there is a soft glow from the lamp and the chandelier to say "nigh-night"