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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn3 Comments
I got my ears pierced at 2 months old. 2 months. Then, my mom decided not to pierce my sister's ears and she still has "virgin lobes." But I wanted Georgia's pierced so bad! And you know what- I had to beg Scott. BEG! He wouldn't say "no" but he wouldn't say anything and we would have conversations like this:

Scott: "I don't know. She'll be too old looking. It freaks me out."
Me: "You're not giving me any good reasons to not do it!"
Scott: "YOU'RE not giving ME any good reasons! ACCESSORIZE?!"

So yesterday, I was begging again and he quietly said "ok" and I grabbed my chance and did it. My mom was in town and I was happy to have her freakishly level eye there to make sure they did the piercings straight.

Those of you who care are probably wondering if Georgia cried. Yes. But she was done crying by the time they finished the second hole and I hugged her. Seriously, shots are way worse. WAY worse. They don't give you a sucker and a teddy bear when you go to the doctor. She cried much harder when she bumped her head on the coffee table last week.

And just look how freaking cute!