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Made it Monday: Book Page Nightstand

"Made It"Carrie Lynn4 Comments
It's been weeks since a Made it Monday feature but the end of the summer is crazy for everyone right? RIGHT? Someone relate to me! (wink at Brandilyn)

Listen. I have been in search of nightstands forever. FOREVER. Scott and I really needed a place to put our bedside crap but didn't want to pay at least $100 for it. So I searched, and searched and searched. Finally, one day- I found two wooden filing cabinets at the thrift store that ended up being $5 a piece. I could have fainted, I tell you.

I instantly loved them but after my trauma with my coffee table, was not looking forward to ever spray painting another piece of furniture.

In the end, I chose to cover them with book pages* and spray paint only the drawers.

Please excuse the blurry photos. I don't know what happened. I'm a blogger, not a photographer. 

I used modge podge, but I DID NOT put the glue all over the cabinet and THEN put the pages over it. I found that that process made getting bubbles out a billion times harder than it had to be. Instead, I put the glue on the back of each individual page, THEN placed it on the cabinet and smoothed out the bubbles with an old gift card. 

I spray painted the drawers with Krylon Black Satin Finish and used Krylon Nickle to paint the hardware. Also, I lost 4 screws in the grass and felt like the parents in Honey I Shrunk The Kids looking for them.

I have not yet finished the second but am planning on it. Pretty much love it.

*I usually have some weird moral issue with using books for crafts, but I have these two HORRIBLE books I don't think anyone should read that I have been crafting with for what feels like ever. Weird issue, though right?