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Washington in a Whirlwind

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
A childhood friend of mine got married last weekend, and my mom is best friends (since high school) with his mom and was all: "you NEED to go" and so Georgia and I forged an airplane* to Seattle last week.

We met up with my grandparents for lunch and then headed to Anderson Island. Scott and I have been there with my family before doing these kinds of things. But what was really fun, was seeing Georgia explore her first ever ferry ride. Grampy showed her around.

Uncle Kade started jumping over her and she would just loose it laughing, so I was happy I got this picture of her- obviously so happy- even from behind.

Once on the Island, we took a small hike down to the Puget Sound.
Georgia mostly wanted to drink out Kade's backpack thing. 
Seriously, I have no idea why I do not live in a place surrounded by water and trees. It heals my soul, I tell you. Georgia forged the beach like it was her living room. Seaweed? Live crabs? Barnacles?  No problem. The only reason I am holding her hand is to make sure she didn't squat and dive in and float away like she wanted to! She has this place in her blood.

And listen. I don't really know why, but when we are all at the beach, we really love to throw rocks into the water. Dad can skip a flat rock pretty much across the Pacific Ocean. Sheridan gets better every year, Kade finds really great rocks for skipping, and mom and I can't skip a beat (ha!).

Is this one flat enough?
This year, we even spent like an hour just trying to throw rocks into the water from some line made by seaweed on the beach. Mom and I almost killed people but we both did it.

After we left the island, we stayed a family friend's house (hi, Beth!) that was right on the lagoon. I tell you what, it was quite the sight to wake up to. The best part was the two kayaks they had. I desperately wish I had a camera with me when I went so you could have seen what I saw, but I will just have to have a memory instead. Just know there was a small island where I'm pretty sure Huck Finn lives.

We also went and met some friends on ANOTHER island, but I only have really gross pictures of Georgia eating an Oreo... I'll spare you. I actually took a nap when we were there. So yeah, I liked that island too.

My Aunt Carrie treated us to the Point Defiance Zoo and I was so happy to be at a zoo that was actually worth the money! Thank you, Aunt Carrie! Thank you a million times! We had so much fun. Also, my Aunt is weirdly good at taking zoo pictures on her phone. I dare you not to smile at the next two:

This Tiger fell asleep right up against the window like that. 

Aunt Carrie, Sheridan and I also experienced a hurricane together.

I like this picture because Sheridan's like "why am I messing up my hair right now?"
And of course, if you have been to Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, you know this is a must:

I feel sad that I do not have any pictures of the beautiful wedding that we went to, but honestly- I could not do that venue justice. Kris and Anna were married in the most beautiful place and they looked beautiful, and above all the food was fabulous ;)

We drove through the middle of the night to get back to Boise (well, Georgia and I slept) and then packed up my sister for her first year at BYU and then drove back to Utah two days later.

It has all been a whirlwind to say the least! My family just left and while I am sad, I am looking forward to getting back in the groove of things. I have big plans.

Like I said, Washington heals me.

*For the record, I chose to sit right smack in the middle of two people who were in the second row of the plane. I promised Georgia was good, and honestly- I don't think a baby could be any better on a plane. Both people commented multiple times how good she was so I was glad I risked it because I did not want to juggle my crap and then wait 30 minutes to get off.