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A Birthday of Kindness

Carrie Lynn4 Comments

Today is my 27th birthday. I honestly could not remember how old I was turning. I swore I was going to be 28. I guess Georgia has aged me a year. But, I am, in fact 27 years old today.

I was making my annual list of goals and going over the ones from last year when I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. None of my goals would have been accomplished had it not been for loving friends and family. It has not been an easy year for me (mostly my own fault), but I can honestly tell you that, everyday, there are multiple things that make smile. There are things when I'm out and about that "make my day." And I really want to make sure everyone feels that way.

So, today, I am going to focus not on myself by sharing a list of goals, but instead, I am going to spend the day doing 27 random acts of kindness for strangers. Georgia will tag along, and together, we will try to add some small and simple beauty to the lives of 27 people.

Further, I have asked those who wish to wish me a happy birthday to not get me present, but instead do a random act of kindness in my honor and then tell me about either here, on my facebook, or email me ( I will be so grateful if you did this for me! What a great gift it would be!

Anyway, here are the 27 Random Acts of Kindness I will be doing today:

1-10. Buy a bouquet of flowers and then leave one flower on 10 different cars with a note
11. Leave some cold water at the construction by my house for the workers there.
12. Leave some cookies for the librarians
13. Leave a free Redbox code on a Rebox kiosk
14. Pay for the person behind me at a fast food place
15. Leave some change taped to a washing machine at a laundry mat
16. Leave a dollar in the toy section of the dollar store
17. Give a homeless person a "blessing bag"
18. Leave a good book in a public park with a note for someone to find
19. Leave quarterson a playground for kids to find. Remember how thrilling that was?
20. Tape a funny joke inside an elevator of a business building
21. Send a thank you note to someone who has made a difference in my life
22. Put away all of the stray shopping carts in a parking lot
23. Leave a thank you note and cookies for the mailman
24. Write a meaningful testimony of my favorite book and leave it in the book at the library
25. Leave coupons at the grocery store next to those items for someone to find
26. Let a manager know how helpful an employee was
27. Leave a bottle of bubbles in the waiting area of a tire center. Because there is nothing more boring than waiting for your oil change.