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Made it Monday: Rachel's Circus Baby Shower

"Celebrations"Carrie Lynn10 Comments
Last week, I threw a small shower for my sweet friend, Rachel who is expecting a baby boy any day now! It was small (just 5 of us) but it was fun :)

With the help of my 16 year old brother, we made a circus tent in my living room. You read that right. What 16 year old brother spends the day helping his older sister decorate for a baby shower? Mine.

 I feel like, even though these photos are awesome- it still looked so cool in person. Like, you had to be there.

My brother loved the tent, but my favorite part were the customized onesies. Just another perk of living down the street from your in-laws screen printing business. But seriously, I was really grateful they were able to get these to me in the time they did- they really had a huge effect. You may be seeing them up in Little Treetops shop soon ;) Except for the middle one. If you read it closely, the top says "Strider" which is Rachel's little one's name.

For the food, I had cupcakes, a hot dog bar, and popcorn. I also had cinnamon bears in place of where the peanuts are- but I thought peanuts were cute too.

You can find the cute printables I used here
 Ever since Scott got this popcorn popper as a birthday gift last year, I have been dying to celebrate something with a circus theme! This was the perfect occasion

I spent too much money on these lids to not use them at every party I have. But I love the effect every time. I wrapped tickets around the cake stand holding my barrel water dispenser full of lemonade.

We spent most of our time snacking and enjoying the company. I did not plan any games, but because Rachel is crafty, I plopped out a tray of supplies and declared that we could all make little bow ties for Strider. They all turned out adorable, and I think that Rachel sincerely liked making them- so phew!

So that's that. Thanks for looking! And don't forget to take favor on your way out ;)