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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

A Few Awesome Things

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
1. Tomorrow, Cats and Cardigans is going to host a SOH* tote bag giveaway. Two winners and a discount code so you should probably stop by there.

2. On Saturday, we went to the Farmer's Market and I bought beets from a Salt Lake County Jail inmate. Not ex-inmate. Like, he was standing there in a bright orange sweatshirt and a bunch of tattoos that looked like they meant something and he was absolutely delightful. He also knew a lot about beets and I appreciated that.

3. The Mindy Project. The only new sitcom I like. Women who are funny are awesome.

4. Also at the Farmer's Market, Georgia got like 800 compliments on her outfit. The leopard print leggings, pea coat and purple beret made her look like a rich NYC baby and, quite frankly, I looked like her nanny.

5. I replaced the Annotated Peter Pan on my coffee table with The Most Evil Men and Women in History. Some people honestly think that I have that book out all year round instead of just at Halloween. This reaction is awesome and I do not correct them, I just tell them all of the things I learned from that book.

6. These pictures of Georgia and they capture everything that is magical about childhood

*thanks, Brandilyn, for showing me how awesome Seeker of Happiness looks as an acronym.