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Made it Monday: Leopard Infinity Scarf

"Made It"Carrie Lynn2 Comments
Good leopard print fabric is surprisingly difficult to find. Luckily, JoAnn's came through for me again!

I wanted to make myself a leopard print infinity scarf for Fall. It's a little too short for me to wear as a fashion scarf, but it's perfect with a coat for outside.

I made Georgia one, though and I'm kind of freaking out about it.

She loves wearing like she loves wearing necklaces and I think she looks so trendy and cute.

And look, I know to WATCH her while she wears this so she doesn't choke and die. I know not to put her to bed in it*

I followed this tutorial which is by far the best one for infinity scarves (complete with a little video)

I also have to mention that I hate trying to take good pictures. I don't have sunlight in my apartment and I don't have a baby who will sit still and smile. These pictures were taken over a course of 3 days and they were  the only decent ones I got- and the last one was with the 30second help of Scott before he went out the door and caused a 35 minute melt-down tantrum in honor of him leaving. If you come here wanting to see blog posts with photography a la Rockstar Diaries... I highly suggest you go check out Rockstar Diaries.

*Something I may or may not have done and then remembered and then freaked out about and ran to take it off of her sleeping little self...