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Why Is This Election So Shocking?

Carrie Lynn5 Comments

After the debates, I see a lot of this on Facebook:

"Both sides were being vague and telling half-truths! Soooo frustrating!"

"Here's what drives me nuts about this Presidential race - where is the truth? Each candidate slurs the truth to make themselves look better while demonizing their opponent. It's so dirty and I hate the lies from both sides. Also they never say exactly what they plan to do - it's all pointless rhetoric. What happened to honesty and integrity?"

"The debate was just a bunch of 'you're a liar!' 'No you are!' 'No you are!"

I agree with these statements. The fact that I agree shouldn't come as a surprise because guess what? I'M A HUMAN BEING.

Why is it that so many people are acting so shocked when a politician, well... acts like a politician? Politicians have been vague and finger-pointing SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. 

I mean, don't get me wrong- I love that there are so many who are sincerely seeking truth in politics. It's an optimistic road to travel down and they should be commended. We all should be seeking truth in politics. I look for the truth a lot, but I stopped being frustrated a looong time ago when I could rarely find it. It's just amazing to me how angry people are when they can't look at and see the "facts." 

I've decided to blame this on the internet and social sharing. When we want to know how many cups are in a quart we Google it. When we want to know the best restaurant in Seattle, we ask our friends on Facebook. Typically, we get good results from people we trust. The truly irritating thing about politics is that you can't Google it. There are very few sites that are neutral to the issues and who are not pushing an agenda. And you can't ask your friends on Facebook without starting a firestorm on your wall that makes your notifications look like it's your birthday. 

What is your theory of why so many people are so frustrated and surprised that they can't figure out what the truth is? Have you found an unbiased source that helps you sort out what is fact and what is fiction?

-Note that I did not ask for your political view, platform or why the guy you are voting against sucks.