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Fashion Blogger Georgia (Part VI)

"Fashion Blogger Georgia"Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Bow and Tights: Wal-Mart // Shoes: Thrifted // Dress: Baby Gap

Georgie here updating my fashion blog (aka hacking my mom's blog... again).  At 17 months I finally  learned how to climb up on the computer chair and type so these posts may become more frequent. 

Last week I went to Gammy's house to stop the show at her annual ornament party. I guess if you want to be the talk of a holiday party you should just add some scallops to your outfit. Mom kept calling me "Little Orphan Annie" but I think that's rude because I try really hard not to look like an orphan. 

Being a well-dressed baby certainly gives me confidence. I talked to probably every person at that ornament party and sat on their laps. You know what I got in return? A bite of everything from their plates. SCORE! I don't mean to brag, but I know how to work a crowd. Maybe I should do a tutorial about it...