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Friday Fibs (Part 4)

Carrie Lynn1 Comment

I used this picture of Pinocchio looking embarrassed because I am. This fib makes me a bad person...

One day, in high school,  I was having a particularly bad day. I can't remember why- I think it had something to do with gossip and geometry. Anyway, I was incredibly grumpy and irritable and pretty much ready to go to bed and start over. 

While walking down the halls, I must have looked especially ticked off because I had several people tell me:


Do people think this helps? I have never been pulled from a bad day because someone gave me the commandment to smile. Ever. I remember this happened a few times in between classes and with each demand to "SMILE!" I got more and more angry. 

Finally, school was over and I was driving home. Of course, I was stuck in traffic that had me at a complete stop and I was not happy about it. Suddenly, I realized that in the bed of the pick-up truck in front of me was some man who was looking at me and smiling. Then, I realized that he was using his fingers to sign to me to "SMILE!" I glared at him. He continued. "SMILE!" He mouthed. I continued to glare. He did it again. He was relentless. 

I rolled down my window and yelled:

And then I started bawling. Like, hysterically sobbing. I let out all of the frustration of my day into my steering wheel and just HEAVED and choked and cried. The guy sat so far down in the bed of that truck that I never saw him again. 

After I stopped crying, and after I wasn't behind that truck anymore, I immediately felt bad. Especially when I think about it now- having known people who's moms HAVE died- I just feel sick. What a horrible lie! I mean, sure, the guy was annoyingly telling me to "SMILE!" and for all he knew my mom really COULD have just died but I really don't think he deserved what he got. 

Still trying to repent for this one. 
In fact, when people do tell me to "SMILE!" now, I just do it out of penance.