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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

The Laziest Moment Ever (and a winner)

Carrie LynnComment
One morning last week, Scott and I were feeling especially lazy. Georgia woke up at 7:30* and Scott and I were promising each other back massages, millions of dollars and taking over laundry duty ALL in an effort to not get up. I can't remember who ended up winning, but whoever it was brought Georgia into our bedroom and soon we were both back in bed, looking at the ceiling. Georgia climbed up on our computer chair and said the following:

"Ma? Da-Da? Nigh-Nigh? NO-NO!"

It was probably the laziest I have ever felt in my life. My 17 month old yelled at me for not getting my butt out of bed and I quickly changed my tune and got my stuff in gear.

A drill sergeant I'm raising over here.

In other news, congratulations to KATE who is the winner of the two tote bags! Kate, email me at with your shipping address and what bags you want :) Thanks everyone who joined in!

*We're not complaining- this is a great time for us. I don't envy you parents with 5am risers