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Made it Monday: Handmade Ornaments and Advent

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
Every year, the Chapman family has a Christmas breakfast and ornament exchange at Scott's grandparent's house. The ornaments can be purchased, or they can be handmade. I opted for a store-bought stuffed owl as Georgia's, and picked up the worst cat ornament known to man for Scott's. This was joke, but the girl who got it loved it so. Anyway, it was horrible. Some ceramic cat sitting on a basket and it had a MOTION ACTIVATED "meow" that made it sound like the cat was dying. 

For my ornament, I made a little trio. My mom made these for her hand-out ornament for her party this year, but I did them just a tad different.

The party was relaxing and fun, and Georgia got a kick out the reindeer antlers provided... as did my mother-in-law.

Also this weekend, I put together the advent calendar that has been sitting in a plastic bag for the last month! I kept it simple, but I really like simple sometimes. 

The brown paper bags are hung over a giant window (that I use for everything). The numbers came on a sheet of paper, and there are cupcake liners folded in half under the numbers to make it a bit more festive.

I added a scripture in every bag, along with a little bit of chocolate. We can focus on Christ, but Scott said we couldn't get rid of the chocolate!

I don't find any of this super exciting, but that's what I did this week :)