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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn1 Comment

Georgia and I have the same head cold which makes us sad and pathetic  She is much cuter than I when she is sick. This is the second time in a row we have gotten sick after coming home from Idaho. 

We are most likely both allergic to Utah. 

Being sick this time around has made me pensive and dreamy. I keep talking about how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom (something I don't talk about often) to one kid. It is fortunate that baby and I got sick at the same time. I have no job to worry about- no email to send off. I can let the house go to trash and not care. I can sleep when Georgia sleeps and cuddle and watch Brave and Tangled back to back and eat way too many goldfish and tomatoes.
When I have two babies, it won't be like this. I won't be able to read a book in a day and get half way through another the next day. I won't be able to put off things that I can put off now. I will miss it.

Scott has been such a blessing to his two sick girls. This, I do not deserve because I am the WORST caregiver when Scott gets sick. Really, the worst. But he just gets up with the baby when she cries in the middle of the night and he buys me aloe vera tissues even though they are more expensive than toilet paper. He makes me eat more than handfuls of produce and he brings me endless glasses of lemon water and orange juice.

It's not all cuddles and runny noses though. Georgie has an on and off fever that makes her Jekyll and Hyde. One minute she's all feverish and snuggling and the next, her fever is broken and she has the energy to be outraged at the fact that she cannot breathe. Outraged, it turns out, is a pretty good word to describe Georgia when she's mad. She simply doesn't just get mad. She gets outraged. It is both hard and irritating to witness tiny tantrums down the hallway for no apparent reason.

This afternoon, when she woke from a nap burning up, I put her in a tepid bath (one that was a little on the warm side) to break her fever. She was terrified of the bath in a way I have never seen before. No toy or song or splashing could calm her down. I knew I had to break the fever so I put her in and she clung to me tightly while shivering and refusing to sit down. I sang to her and ran a washcloth over her and tried to get her to calm down and she just couldn't. Finally, I reached back to get a towel and saw her standing there. My 20lb, 19 month old little girl shaking so violently she was about to fall over. Shivering like she was standing naked in the snow. I started to cry with her. By the end of the bath, I was totally soaked in water and tears but I didn't care.

I blow dried her hair because she likes that and she never let go of my shirt.

Now as I type this, she is clinging to me like a baby monkey. And we both feel a little sad.

At least we have each other.