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Made it: Valentine Card Wreath

"Made It"Carrie Lynn2 Comments
I wanted to make a Valentine wreath for my door (which, by the way, was only just recently stripped of the Christmas wreath). All of the ideas I liked were full of yarn I don't have or felt flowers I don't have much time for.

That's when I remembered a box full of Valentine's Day cards I bought last April for $1. There are about a million of them and they are Victorian inspired and pretty (albeit a tad too tacky to actually give to someone). 

I also had a grapevine wreath sitting around so I got to work on my vision of a V-Day card wreath. 

I cut the cards in half since I only had use for the front. Then I just punched some holes in them and tied them to the vines with ribbon. 

30 minutes later, I was hanging it on my door.

Yeah, I love it. 

I keep thinking this would be fun with all of the character Valentine's that kids take to school too. Maybe I'll hang a One Direction one on the back of Scott's chair at work. I'm really good at showing I care.

Also, in the spirit of making over my "front room," I am forgoing "Made it Monday" because I didn't like feeling restricted to a specific day. For now on, it'll just be "Made it" whenever I post about something that... well... I made.