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Next Winter

Carrie Lynn2 Comments

Today I ran a million errands. It has been snowing like crazy here and I was naive to think that wearing my knee high boots would be enough to get from my car, through the parking lot, into the store, and back. So much slush. So much snow. Or, as Georgia points out over. and over. and over: "'N-OH! 'N-OH!"

I seriously need to start wearing the snow boots I wore on my mission (in CANADA) just to get to the mailbox and back safely.

But it wasn't just the parking lot. Once we got in the store/emissions place/post office/etc, I had to do this balancing act where I tried to carry a wiggly kid, my stuff, her stuff, and not slip and die. Don't worry- I thought about putting Georgia down. Every time I did, she froze with her little knees bent. She KNEW that it was dangerous to walk so she would just stand there, crying. Then she would look up at me with her tiny arms outstretched and beg to be picked up. Should have done some grand parenting "you can do it, sweetie" speech? Probably. But today, I did not have time for that.

So as I'm leaving our final place, and Georgia is having a melt down in checkout since I won't let her have a 5 hour energy drink. Of course, she's then suddenly fine when we reach the doors, and I sigh a sigh of relief and I think to myself:

"How the HECK am I going to do all of this crap with a toddler and a newborn?"

Then I had a little moment of respect for the people I know with multiple kids. 2, 3, 4 I don't know how it's done. I mean, I'm sure I'll figure it out- but for now I am convinced that all of my errands will only be ran through internet ordering come next winter.

To be fair, though- I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that nobody likes to run errands in snow and slush and inversion. Not even alone. So there's that.