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The Weekend in a List

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1. I'm so tired of being cold.

2. Headed to Boise, Idaho for 2 weddings and a mission call.

3. Left a clean house behind (this never happens) thanks to my sister playing with Georgia. Lately, when given the choice to be productive or play with Georgia, I have chosen the latter. This has left everything in a state of lacking. It was amazing how much crap I got done in 2 hours just having someone keep the crazy kid company.

4. Drove to Boise with no issues- again: grateful for my sister in the back being aunt of the year.

5. Arrived in Boise to my house that makes me so happy.

6. Kept Georgia up way too late to watch Sheridan open her MISSION CALL with about a million people there who love her

If you don't want to watch the video- she got called to Houston, Texas (English speaking). Part of me is really excited, and part of me is like "SHERIDAN! YOU'RE JUST A BABY!"

7. Had the worst night of sleep in a long time with a gassy baby.

8. Scott spent the day doing wedding stuff while I went shopping with family. Said snarky remarks to tired baby like: "Oh! Do you not LIKE it when people keep you awake when you want to be asleep?!" As if my sarcasm has any effect on her at all. It made me feel better though.

9. Went to lunch with a FB friend who is now a REAL friend and talked about how, yeah- we watch crappy TV sometimes. We are stay at home moms to one kid. That was great.

10. Napped.

11. Hit 2 wedding receptions, stole multiple babies, and bought a $5 dollar dress at Target for baby. Also bought Sweet Tarts which I am re-convinced are the greatest candy on earth.

12. Had a better nights sleep but not great

13. Went to church and remembered that Georgia is 19 months old going on a million and doesn't really act like a baby-baby anymore. Enjoyed Sunday School AND Relief Society for the first time in months.

14. Napped.

15. Enjoyed a steak and potato dinner in honor of Sheridan's mission call. Continued to eat with no self control whatsoever. Started to feel it. Heard my body scream "What happened to our 3 liters of lemon water a day?! NURTURE ME!" and told it: "Shut up and eat this 5th helping of mashed potatoes"

16. Watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green and thought Rotten Tomatoes was a bit harsh.

17. Furnace in the house breaks- we all realize it's going to be 0 degrees that night.

18. Get a space heater from a friend who responded to my mom's unintentional SOS post that we had no heat. Georgia was warm, so was Scott. I was warm too but I slept downstairs by the fire with no pillow (= not great but my own fault).

19. Force mom to stay up and talk until midnight. Play Scramble with Sheridan and Scott who were both sitting in the same room as us.

20. Prepared to leave around 10am but get informed that the brakes pads need to be changed (not a surprise- just procrastinated)

21. Informed something else needs to be fixed.

22. Informed I won a fabric bundle in a giveaway

23. Informed the car needs to go to the shop

24. Take an overwhelmed nap

25. Marvel at how crazy "busy" Georgia is. The girl doesn't stop.

26. Leave Boise

27. Make Scott go to two different gas stations to find me Sweet Tarts

28. Get text messages from 3 different people asking if I was watching the Bachelor. Get even more sad I was missing it.

29. Get home, unpack and finish laundry while Scott drives Sheridan back to her apartment.

30. Blog about weekend