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5 Things That Kind of Bug Me

Carrie Lynn7 Comments
I don't think any of the following get under my skin or happen ENOUGH to be considered pet peeves. They are just little things that come up every once in a while that rub me the wrong way. Things that are not annoying enough to commentate on when they happen, but annoying enough to have an articulated opinion about if the topic comes up at a dinner party (this rarely happens).

And don't get all offended if you do some of this stuff. I don't hate you, and everyone is guilty of bugging someone a little sometimes. No big. 

1. When skinny girls get REALLY offended by pictures like these.

Am I saying a picture like this is ok? No. There shouldn't be any pictures making any woman feel like her body type is any less beautiful than another body type. I don't think that you should tell someone who is thin to put on weight- that is rude. Okay, I get it.  But let's not pretend like skinny girls are just SO PERSECUTED. Heavy girls are bombarded every time they glance at media with images telling them they are not beautiful enough or worth enough. So one bitter, over weight girl put together a meme online kind of making fun of skinny people. I think your 100lb self can handle it just this once.

2. When people tell me my baby is cuter than so-and-so's baby. I understand that this is a compliment with good intentions, but I never know how to react. Thank you? You're right, my daughter IS a much cuter baby than my friend's baby? Now that she has won your mini beauty competition she has more worth? This makes me feel better? I'll tell her you said that?

3. If someone in line has a cart full of crap and the person behind them only has one thing (AND the person in front notices) and doesn't offer to let the one-item person go ahead. This is a 3 second move that would make that one-item persons whole day. Just let them go in front of you, man!

4. When I "like" a business page on Facebook, and all they do is update their status about how many "likes" they have. "Oh my gosh! 3 more until 800 likes! Let's see if we get there tonight!" 
I already liked your page! Stop talking about it!

5. My constant struggle between using clean language, and wanting to swear to as a joke. For example, I just really wanted to write in #4: "Bitch, I already liked your page!" To me, that line is so much funnier. "Dang" does not have the same effect as "damn" and "hell" really helps me get my point across sometimes. But... I'm supposed to be virtuous... and swearing isn't funny to a large majority of my readers... and my mom reads this.