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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn2 Comments
I really kind of hate Saturdays when we have nothing planned. We wake up to a messy Friday night party mess. We have nothing to do, so we clean and grumble about it. Then, we spend hours trying to think of something fun and different to do.

Well, we found out that there is a bird sanctuary in Salt Lake and for some weird reason assumed that, because it's winter, the birds would be indoors. I don't know why we thought this. Desperation for a new adventure I guess. We were pretty excited to go check the place out- especially because they advertised feeding pelicans.

Of course, there is only one real indoor place that is very warm and small and kind of boring.

The cool stuff was outside. Luckily, it was unusually warm and not snowing or not raining and we had a great time! A lot of birds were gone, probably being stored in that indoor sanctuary Scott and I had imagined. But they had injured eagles who couldn't fly that stared at us (and kind of made me sad), and they had THIS sassy bird.

Look at those lashes! I love this bird. It's called a Southern Ground Hornbill. What a diva. I mean, he or she- what a diva. It had the coolest strut too. It OWNED it's little snow runway and then would stop and weirdly smize and pose. I'm sure it was doing something completely different from modeling and bird-snobs are reading this and scoffing. But I stood there for like 5 minutes (which is a pretty long time to look at one bird) and now have pretty much a whole comic strip written about this thing.

Georgia became randomly obsessed with owls, which makes her trendy I guess. I wish I could type out how she makes an owl noise, because it doesn't sound much like an owl. It sounds like a cat call, actually.

When it was time to feed the pelicans, I had hoped Georgia would get something out of it. You were supposed to toss them fish from a bridge and I was worried we were too far away for her to like it. She seemed to understand it, though, she enjoyed grabbing the dead fish and throwing them more than anything.

She usually hates having a mess on her hands so I was surprised that she pretty much dove right into grabbing the slimey guys. Of course, she wiped the fish guts on her coat so...

We also saw a male peacock showing off, so all in all, I would it call it a success.